In her directorial debut, Karen Kaeja brings an ethereal flavour to the beauty and turmoil that unfolds as the inevitable shift of time intensifies a fleeting relationship. Amidst a lush summer landscape, the playful and sacred bond between a young woman and her child is captured revealing the challenges and solitude of motherhood.
Director/Choreographer/Editor Karen Kaeja, Performers Celeste Lyon, Brandon Lockhart, Cinematographer Jeff Curtis and Composer Anne Bourne


Palomas En El Atico

Palomas En El Atico is an inner monologue between the dichotomy of self-love, guilt, and repression. A cultural and intimate look at the dancer/choreographers human sexual condition. Directed and Photographed by Alejandro Valbuena, Choreographed by Juan Carlos Claudio. Produced during MediaNet’s Dance for the Camera 2007.