Technical Support

DFTC is a hands-on program. Filmmakers and editors will be on hand to assist choreographers and dancers in the use of cameras, lights, and editing.

Choreographers and Dancers will be on hand to assist filmmakers in the language of dance.

Technician will be on hand for technical support.

Equipment available for participants of DFTC program:

Sony PD 150 (3 chip)
2 x Sony HC 1 (HDV or standard definition)
Canon HV 20 (HDV or standard definition)
2 x Canon HV30 (HDV or standard definition)
Sony HC1000 (standard definition)

3 manfrotto CLB190
1 spider legs
3 manfrotto 501 fluid head

2 Photoflex Light Disc
4 Lighting tripods
Arri 1000 w
2 Arri 650 w
Arri 300 w
Selecon 1000 w
2 Selecon 650 w
Chimera soft box Kit
Chimera Omni Kit

2 Sennheisser K6 Mic body with ME 65 and ME66 heads
3 Azeden mics with shotgun and cartiod capsules
AKG C1000 S
Rhodes NTG-2 shotgun mic
2 x Sennheiser MKE 300 Video Mics
Apex 381 dynamic microphone ( vocals)
2 Sampson Wireless lav with adaptor for other mic use

Edit Suites
1 x G5 edit suites
1 x iMac (27″, quad core) edit suite
4 x iMac (24″, 3.05 ghz) edit suites
Final Cut express and Final Cut Pro available


Located in the heart of Uptown, Victoria School Of Contemporary Dance is a creative centre for dance professionals, choreographers, immerging professionals and students of all ages.  VSC Dance houses a beautiful spacious large studio complete with mirrors and hardwood floors. There is a large Lobby with mountain views, equipped with a fridge, microwave and plenty of room.
The studio is located in one of Victoria’s oldest CHURCHES; Centennial United Church 612 David Street, close to coffee shops, health food stores and only 10 minutes to Downtown. Photos to be uploaded asap.



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